The astounding rapper, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Mo’mbewing, Pancho, popularly know as Ngoma has released his much-awaited debut EP titled “CAM NO GO”, introducing a retro-futuristic polyglot rap style which he calls “Jwe’Te”. It sounds soothing, ethereal and soul searching, yet Pancho’s vocals are so raw you can’t help but connect to his aspiration for greatness.

The EP advocates for the “UNWANTED to become WANTED“, with interlinked lyrics about the struggles of a young black boy from Awing, going through different facets of life. Born and raised in Limbe then Douala and Yaoundé, the Cameroonian rapper’s experiences over the years have served as a learning curve for his tales about the streets, grasslands, and the coasts.  He’s at his peak on “CURFEW” — expressing his paranoia with precision to Bantu sounds and a touch of pop culture, on uplifting Dijay Karl beats. From the first verse, you’re arrested by the synchronization of wordplay from English, Ngemba, Pidgin to French with courtesy of Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Makossa, and Folkore which marinates on tracks like Letterhead, Penya and Drip. Check out the EP to enjoy the taste of “Jwe’Te” in quarantine and forever.