Blaise B is a Producer/Singer/Song writer/Vocal Coach from Cameroon. He began his music career as a gospel singer ,was lead singer of the gospel group “The Breakthru Voices”.They came out with an audio Album titled : LORD I’M SORRY- In 2008-2009 he later joined this thrilling vocal group of 4 (Salatiel,Rude Bway,Myra & Blaise B) called **DA-THRILL** the winners of the Nescafe African Revelation 2010 in Senegal-Dakar ,a musical competition involving 8-different African countries.They came out with an audio Album titled : NEW DAWN. Blaise B is the lead singer,Vocal coach of DA-THRILL (winner of NAR 2010)

As a group,they performed on the same stage with : Flavour,Serge Bernaud,La fuine,Zaho,Kerry James,Coco Argente, Dj Jacob, Boro Sangui Dj, Meiway,Dara G

In February 2013,he created a record label called “AkwandorMusic™.Where he worked as a producer/beatmaker/record/studio Engineer.

While In November – 11th – 2014 ,he produced and released the AUDIO of his first Hit single ‘”EPOSI’” which made him popular in the 237 music industry. While the VIDEO WAS RELEASED in 2015 . As time passed by he released other singles such as Clando and Front & back which he released under his New Label Alpha Better Records.

Producer Profile (Producer name – Akwandor):

Producer of the song CLANDO & Jamais Jamais by Mr LEO., Murder by Gasha

Label: Alpha Better Records

His vocal Idols: Petit Pays,Michael Jackson,Beyonce,Whitney Houston