Myra  is a Cameroonian Afro-Soul music artist based in the USA. Poster Pre OrderMyra has delivered countless surprises in her career on top of the music world, but UNIQ is nothing close to what fans have seen before. This Beautiful Queen  woke fans in the midnight hour with a surprise package  “UNIQ” set to be released soon. She creates a melodic and rhythmic “ear-gasmic” scene from the beginning to the end of the album revealing a variety of musical influences in every song and verse and capturing a unique (UNIQ) mix that truly defines the artist. This Highly Anticipated album is set to be released in a few weeks time, Her album is full of upbeat tempo tracks complimented by her beautiful voice. Below are Six reason why you should Pre-order UNIQ.

  1. UNIQ is a blend of musical varieties and influences which takes you on a musical journey you would wish never to end.

  2. We all have those “slick talkers” in our live those “Beau Parleurs”…grab a copy of UNIQ and get Myra’s perspective.

  3. UNIQ is an album which inspires as well as encourages.

  4.  Feel like dancing? Well get down with “On Va Danser” available on UNIQ.

  5. UNIQ is different from Myra’s last album; it features more of her Cameroonian cultural heritage while still maintaining her R&B influences.

  6. You want to sit back, kick off your shoes, relax and be free with “Feh Vitavivi” available on UNIQ.

Dont be the last to get this masterpiece of art, Pre-order now on ITunes, Google Play and Amazon for as cheap as $6.99 and instantly receive a song from the album.

Watch her hit those high Falsettos below in one of the songs on her Album titled On VA Danser. Enjoy and leave a comment.