We are back at it again with our regular interviews with Cameroonian Music Artist. On our schedule today we have US based Cameroonian rapper PROSPÈPROSPÈ  just released his mixtape some weeks ago. Get to know PROSPÈ and kindly share your thoughts in the Comment section below.

237Showbiz  : What are your real names and for how long have you been in the music game?

My Real Names are Prosper Mesekah Biyeh

237Showbiz  :   Do you do music fulltime? What else do you do for a living?

I am actually a student as well Studying information Technology. And I am a part time scammer as well lol!!

237Showbiz  :     When did you decide  to start doing music. Tell us how long it took you to put your mixtape together?

I didn’t decide to start music.I just found myself doing it. It took me about 7-8 months to put together the tape due to the strike that had happen back home.I could not get a hold of the producers.

237Showbiz  :    On social Media you once ranted about Cameroonian fans being selfish and not supporting artists well enough? What made you to say so? was it out of frustration? Or do you think you were not getting enough support?

I never ranted. I just posted a lil something about how I felt on my social media. The guy that posted it on the blog. Was just angry or frustrated at me. Because I didn’t help him pay for his domain name when I had promise I would hahah.

237Showbiz  :    A comment was made on 237showbiz.com under your mixtape such as „The guy is wack,….but he can do better“.How do you deal with critics like this?

Hahah. I don’t look at it as critics he was probably listening to it on his Nokia Phone. And he probably a Reniss  fan or something like that. Wrong target audience

237Showbiz  :    Language issue has been a very pertinent and striking talking point in our industry today. What do you have to say about  Anglophone artists singing completely/Partly in French?

I rather listen to those Artists singing on French than Igbo. So I like it!! Keep and do what you gotta do to win

237Showbiz  :   How would you define your music? In your recent mixtape you used a local dialect known as Limbum, dont you think that limits your fan reach?

Music can’t be defined. Yes I think its about that time I introduce my  real identity. I can do that through my local dialect Limbum. That’s how i started my songs anyways. And No it does not limit my fan reach it actually makes it better.

237Showbiz  :    IF you had to choose two  from the following for a Collabo who will they be? and why? –> jovi, pascal, Mic monsta, Skidi Boy,  ko-c, Tenor , Maahlox

I would do a great song with Jovi. Just because We can vibe and speak our wimbum dialect on it . And  Tenor because I  am a fan of his.

237Showbiz  : Are you signed to any label or have plans to? Which Camer artists would you love to work with?

I am not signed to any label and nah Don’t plan on it.I like to work with Stanley Enow.

237Showbiz  :  What difficulties are you facing as an artist? How will you define your fanbase? Is living abroad slowing down your career?

I face a lot of difficulties. Due to all the entertainment  houses being  back in Cameroon. So its harder  for me to do promo. I am still working on my Fanbase can’t be defined. And yes living abroad slowing down the Process buts its give me time to cook the products as well.

237Showbiz  :  Your Bushafaller mixtape didnt have any home based features. Dont you think getting local artists could help boost your Mixtape Promotion?

I actually did. Conel B wey who is based in Cameroon is on song #3 CHEKERE. And I ony wanted to work my friends on this tape Based on Love. We get time

237Showbiz  : So what’s next for You? and what vision do you have for yourself as an artist or musician?

Expect some vides from me before the year is over. The fans will just have to keep watching and following. Trust the process.

237Showbiz  : Any plans for an album or another mixtape? 

Of Course I haven’t Started o. Not this year but it is coming SOONER.

PROSPÈ  Any shout out ?

Big S/O out YSAent. Make sure to visist www.ysaent.com

It is a wrap, hope you enjoyed the interview? kindly listen to the tape and share your thoughts with us.