Ale Myz a USA based Cameroonian singer/songwriter  releases her debut album titled “The Prelude“. This genre-bending  EP introduces a  unique style and brand of music from the artist. This is just a tip of the iceberg as far as what the artist is capable of doing. This EP draws the attention of the listener because in a unique way, she has a bright future. Her songs are centered around dance, love, happiness and thankfulness. Below is a vivid analysis of each song.

Take Our Time – is an Afro pop song which advice’s people to be patient ,before jumping into marriage so as not to ruin happiness in the long run.

Summer Vibes –is a dance record  calling on people to, “open up and have fun, and life will be easy”, therefore move your body and shake off your stress.

Falling –Is a story of a girl who has a crush on a guy in her neighborhood. They see each other every day and she believes that the guy also has a crush on her from the way he looks at her. This guy isn’t bold enough to make the first move, so she decides to say it straight up to him how she feels about him because “her belle nobi store,” and she couldn’t keep it anymore.

Only You – This is a typical love song. A lover tells her partner that among the billions of men on earth, she only chose to spend the rest of her life with him.

Fire – Fire was the debut song on her EP and with the video on you tube. “Fire” will consume anybody who tries to stand on her way to greatness.

Going Higher – Ale Myz thanks God for her life, because no matter what, she keeps going higher and she acknowledges she is where she is because of God’s favor and grace upon her life.

Although i think her music is mostly Afro Pop/ Fusion ,  with some handwork and more vocal training, her art will definitely improve with time. The songs were produced by Tam Gaëlo & Ale Myz . Listen to the EP and leave your comments below.

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