since the year 2017 began, Maahlox has been fueling beef with  Stanley Enow  almost on a daily basis. The beef  between this two started after Stanley labeled Jovi’s Monshung video(read more here)  one of his best songs in 2016. Maahlox clearly disagreed with this move by Stanley, and since then things have never been the same again between this two. For some days now every post made by Maahlox on his facebook account has been a spank to Stanley’s career. Some of his rants/post features points such as: His inability/unwillingness to sign more artists to his label, His team mainly made up of him & his  brother, Questions his award wins with just 1 hit song Hein Pere etc.  Even amongst all the controversy, some  Showbiz Pundits think he is just trying to create Buzz, meanwhile a  handfull of music fans think he is actually making a point even though in an aggressive way. Can  they just settle this on a music track? See screen shots below





The Beef is getting Crazier every second,  what do you think about this two? share your thoughts in the comment section.