Askia did a facebook post on August 19th , that if any one has doubts about her being the Best female rapper  in Cameroon, and One of the Best rappers in Cameroon then the person needs a slap(screenshot at the bottom). After waiting for days to see if any female Rapper will react to it, it seems as though it is the easiest enthronement that ever happened in the history of rap. Wow, how easy was that? Where are all the female rappers?, Y’all need to wake up. how come you just let her seat on the lyrical throne without any enthronement? However in rap, you  have to be aggressive sometimes to get what’s rightfully yours. No matter how you see it, this is the easiest Enthronement i have seen in a long time. if you feel offended then it is never too late to hit the studio or better still accept defeat and forever remain silent.  Askia’s bars are not the bars you listen to on a regular, oh and she said One of the best Rappers in Cameroon. oh boy! Guys you better watch out this thrown thing is getting serious, she’ll be throwing shots at you,  even a bullet proof won’t save you.  Keep listening to her Trendy Single featuring Skidi Boy Welcome 4 Kwata here. Also checkout her freestlye La Reine. like, share and Drop comments about  your favorite female rapper below.