Steven’s Music Ent. announces the release of a brand-new single from their artist Daphne. She is currently making appearance performances across Europe, America and Africa in preparation of her summer tour in America.   “My Lover” will continue to show the versatility in Daphne’s delivery and style.

This new single follows the massive successes of her last two singles, Promet Moi” and “Jusqu’à la Gare”, which continue to chart on TV and radio stations around the world.


Daphne plugs into the genius of Big Joe, famously known for producing “Promets Mois”, to deliver the beats to make “My Lover” your next club banger. Daphne’s vulnerability can be felt in the lyrics of this song and the vocals blend effortlessly on Big Joe’s signature sounds.


With “My Lover” Daphne introduces part IV of her Love letter to her fans. If “Caleé” was the story of falling in love, then “Promets Moi” was the promise to stay in love. If “Jusqu’à la Gare” was the endurance of love, then “My Lover” is the story of love that is losing its endurance and almost falling apart.


“My Lover” will keep you dancing… it invites you to dance…” DJ Makoko (Charlotte NC)


The video was shot by the indefatigable Dr. Nkeng Stephens. We believe it’s their best product together and continues to show Dr. Nkeng’s brilliance behind the camera. The video is exquisite and complements the lyrics to the music with colors that pop and dance moves that will keep you glued to your video tubes.


“My Lover” (Audio/ Video) will be released on April 26 2018 and will be available on all SME digital platforms and on all major digital distribution channels (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc.)


“I am excited about this song. It addresses a very common phenomenon in communities in a fun way. When you are in love, you often find yourself begging your lover to stay when they want out of the relationship. ‘My Lover’ is about begging him/her to stay.” Daphne.


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