Anglophones all over the globe are striking and using every possible means to send a message to the government about the unfair treatment anglophones receive in cameroon, recently an attempt by the teachers and lawyers to have a peaceful protest, led to a very barbaric response from the police in both Bamenda and Buea. Numerous injuries, alleged rape, despicable violence is the reward the police could give unarmed citizens trying to give a peaceful protest. While some artists and entertainers  have decided to be very silent about this issue,  popular Cameroonian artist Longue Longue  took upon himself the challenge to voice out his opinion about the whole  crisis, he passes on a message to the government to free  the Southern Cameroonians in his new song . Longue Longue is well known for always singing about the bad ills of the country in his music.This time around he left no stones unturned taking us down the memory lane to remind us about the history of Anglophones and Francophones in cameroon. We applaud Longue Longue for this piece, throwing more light on the Anglophone problem. Leave your comments below about what you think is the solution to the Anglophone problem.