When the young Steven’s Music Entertainment LLC sensation M-Pro gained prominence in Feb 2017, it was thanks to his widely acclaimed single “Showbiz” featuring label mate Boy TAG.
Months later, he released 3 singles, Dance in August 2017, Specially, in Dec 2017, and Gaté in July 2018. A year later he dropped two new singles “Young Wild & Free featuring DJ Sangokou in Aug, 2019 and in Nov 2019, “Chaud”.
With close to two years of silence, M-Pro is yet to give fans another taste of relatable music served over the last 4 years. The singer disappeared from the music scene and was unable to release a song throughout the year 2020. What could be the reason for his inconsistency ? Fans have been pointing blame fingers on the label for paying more attention to other label mates but we believe M-Pro still has a lot to deliver.
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