Awunganyi Etiendem Nkemasong, 26, popularly known by his stage name AWU ( AWU SING SONG ) is one of Cameroon’s outstanding artistes taking the music industry by storm. The Bangwa native from the Southwest Region of Cameroon rose to fame in 2014 after the release of his widely acclaimed groovy single “If a Can, Can” a theme song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Recently, fans, media and netizens have been clamoring for the song to be selected as the official theme song for the forthcoming African Cup of Nations scheduled to take place in his home country Cameroon.
AWU is ready to bring forth a brand new genre he calls “Makossa Fusion” the singer explains the genre is a fusion of Makossa and other music genres to deliver a spectacular hit sound. With the success of his widely acclaimed hit single “Yayayo”, “That musician wey comot Cameroon” is definitely capable of mixing anything and the results are always captivating. If Awu blends “Fufu and Kayamata”, it’s going to be a hit.
“Jesus! My Album is loud and ready, when it drops me sef I go buy am I swear” (Sounds Of Heritage).
For someone capable of making such a statement on social media about his own music, then Makossa-Fusion is going to be a genre with quality sound to dominate global music. We can’t wait to get this album in our speakers.
“Awu Elley, Yayayo, Makossa-Fusion Elley, Yayayo!”
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