Cameroon’s brewery giant l’Union Camerounaise de Brasseries UCB on October 20, 2022 in Douala decorated its entire staff with Medals of Honor in celebration of their hard work, resilience and dedication in the last 50 years. UCB raised its glass to celebrate its workers who have been an important part of the chain in the last 50 years.

CEO Kadji Group Maffeu Mbielleu Kadji in a video message congratulated all the workers awarded medals during the occasion. She added that 50 years is a lifetime and to be where UCB is at 50 has been a lot of sacrifices, dedication and courage. She encouraged everyone to raise their glasses for the quality, uniqueness and brace themselves for another 50 years.

Away from medals, workers were also awarded plots of land and cash prices. See photos of the medal of honor ceremony below.