Choupo Moting and Fc Bayern Head-coach Julian Nagelsmann

The indisputable man of the moment is currently the In form Cameroonian/Bayern Striker Erick Maxim Choupo Moting who has found a new renaissance under Bayern Coach Julian Nagelsmann who has gifted the striker the platform to freely express his attacking talent as the main striker of the team.Choupo on his own side hasn’t been ungrateful to his manager as the striker has taken the role with huge responsibility by scoring 5 goals in 4 consecutive games.
While this recent success by the player is very impressive,  It also proves how impactful he can also be if he plays in a similar role for the National team .
However, Given the fact that Choupo Moting hardly starts for the team, This will mean Head-coach Rigobert Song Bahanag will have to go back to the drawing board to fit Choupo Moting into his main plans.

Choupo Moting with Cameroon National Team coach Rigobert Song

The collateral damage of this move if applied will most likely be Our Current Captain Vincent Aboubakar as he will have to be dropped to accommodate Mr Choupo.
One cannot question Aboubakar’s role in the team but when you put him & Choupo Moting on a head to head analysis, you realize that Aboubakar can’t match this current Choupo Moting in terms of performance and goals. Aboubakar has 2 goals in 8 games for his Saudi Arabain side Al Nassr, and is often looking very exhausted and almost out of breath most of the time. Many think age is catching up with him and Aboubakar deserves to be a Super substitute for the Indomitable Lions.

Cameroon’s forward Vincent Aboubakar

At the end of the day, It will come down to The Former Indomitable Lion Rigobert Song to make any decision to his team but even a lay man without the coaching lenses will easily accommodate Choupo Moting as a starter in the Cameroon National Team due to his world class finishing skills he has proven to have.
Do you see  starting Choupo Moting ,Benching Aboubakar or   Playing both strikers together or Mr Choupo won’t have much use for the Cameroon Coach ?
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Choupo Moting celebrating his goal against FC    Barcelona