YouTube is unarguably the world’s largest website where videos are uploading by literally anybody from all works of life. With over a billion users and views daily worldwide, this platform seems to be a necessity for mostly everyone in the entertainment field. In the Cameroon entertainment industry, the YouTube uploads and views nowadays are growing faster than the previous years. With over 50 Million views from some Cameroonians, there is no doubt about hitting a billion in the nearest future. stumbled on this article by and decided to share with you the TOP 10 YouTubers In Cameroon A Sorted By YouTube Views. This countdown is based views, subscriptions.

10 – Moustik Karismatik
Cameroonian comedian known for his hilarious skits and jokes has 327 videos and counting. 60. 481 subscriptions and a total of 12.228.074 views

9 – New Bell Music Channel

One of the most outstanding record labels in Cameroon with head men Rachel and Jovi has a total of 33 uploads, 37.035 subscriptions. They have a total of 12.289.370 views.

8 – theonlynabster

Coolest and entertaining videos with 22 uploads, 2291 subscriptions and total of 12.683.586 views

7 – Locko official

Big Dreams Entertainment/Yemah Production singer Arthur Locko also has a good channel for himself, with over 17 uploads, 62.618 subscriptions and a total of 13.795.230 views.

6 – Alpha Better Records

Alpha Better Records are growing faster and overtaking almost everyone in broad day light. With only 44 uploads, 45.496 subscriptions, they have been able to gain a total of 17.076.433 views.

5 – LeboKunda

LeboKunda channel is that which serves you with the coolest reggae tracks in the world. They have 97 uploads, 9.735 subscriptions and a total of 17.523.011 views


Afrique replay TV specialise in giving you all missed episodes of your favourite TV programmes with 2014 uploads, unfortunately their subscriptions weren’t given but in 4th place, they have a total of 21.492.461 views recorded.

3 – MAAHLOX le Vibeur officiel

Maahlox Le Vibeur has been outstanding when it comes to YouTube views of Cameroonian artistes. Although his music isn’t showcased in major TV stations, his channel seems to be a television on its own. With above 63.709 subscriptions, 69 uploads, the Zone2Rap rapper has a record of 23.053.190 views for his channel.

2 – Stevens ME

Stevens ME apart from the fact that the label is not a group like Alpha Better Records and has a good number of outstanding artistes that provide quality music that catches the eye, it’s not surprising they come 2nd. Imagine music from the likes of Daphne, Shura, Boy Tag and M Pro put together. They have 43 uploads for the label, 114,464 subscriptions and a total of 33.703.262 views.

1 – Franko Officiel

Coller la Petite unarguably brought Franko to this height. It’s no news he get the first spot. With only 26 uploads, 149.829 subscriptions, the newly wedded rapper has the sum of 55.012.641 views for himself.

In conclusion, these figures change within seconds as people keep viewing content on YouTube daily. For all those wondering what subscriptions are, it can simply be described as the audience who get instant alert immediately a video is uploaded on YouTube. For example, if Franko uploads a video to his channel, 149.829 people get a notification and they go watch using the link emailed to them. Thus it is very important to subscribe to YouTube channels.

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Complete list is 250 we just took out 10. To see full list, visit link above.

Written by

Victor Kange