In the early hours of yesterday, 237Showbiz brought up an article suggesting how much help Mr Leo needs in 2019.

Later we realized that the Alpha Better Records singer could stick to what he knows best, that is constantly going astray when it comes to his wardrobe malfunctions, dressing and red carpet outfits.

This consistency in wardrobe malfunctions and strong willingness to play a deaf ear on the criticisms is what Mr Leo should be using to fuel his buzz on social media and gain attention anytime he’s about to release a new project. It is worthy to note that in the year 2018, talks about Mr Leo’s poor dressing and wardrobe malfunctions created more buzz on social media compared to the times he was about to release a song and also after he released bigger projects, his poor dressing overshadowed his every business and professional move. People, the blogs always paid more attention to the negativity than the positivity. In that same year, almost all followers of Cameroonian entertainment graduated with a PhD in Fashion Criticisms as their field of internship was on Mr Leo’s head.

Why then should Mr Leo play a deaf ear to all the criticism?

Do you think he should switch or be himself and use the opportunity to create buzz for his career and get more attention? Taking a recap on Blanche Bailly and her “former boobs” the Mimbayeur superstar often used her sagging boobs in collaboration with unedited photographs to call attention to herself anytime she was about to drop a new song and it worked for her.

Also, New Bell Music rapper Jovi LeMonstre has also been walking this part in order to create buzz for himself. It would be a dumb move should the rapper quit smoking weed and not targeting the likes of Tzy Panchak, Martin & Stanley Enow.

All in all, there’s a saying that “No publicity is bad publicity”. Do you think Mr Leo should switch it up or remain the same? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Victor Kange