What aspect of help are we talking about here? The kind of help that will lure him towards the right path of artistic perfection if I can put it that way. It is unarguably true that the Alpha Better Records multi award winning singer wouldn’t escape a TOP10 countdown of every Cameroonian music lover or fan’s Best Cameroonian Artistes Of Recent Times. The Jamais Jamais crooner has proven himself to be one of the best vocalists we have in the Cameroon urban music scene.

When it comes to hooks, smooth verses and spicing up collabos, you can’t win an argument based on the fact that the Lion as he’s fondly called wouldn’t “kill it”.

Mr Leo happens to be one of the most successful Cameroonian artistes in the last half a decade. The endorsement deals, multiple awards, the album and several international tours speak for the superstars. Matter of fact, you all are aware of this, so, “Ces’t Pas Nouveau” and all this is as a result of his denial to know poverty as he clearly stated in “Pauvreté On Se Connaît Pas” while putting in much hard work!

Clearly enough, the only help Leo will need more in 2019 from this domain is that of his boss and partner Salatiel. Salatiel only comes in here to provide the beats, production and ensure smooth running of his artistic presence.

However, where the most pressing need of help for Mr Leo should come from is the aspect of his physical look, dressing and choice of outfits. Moving from Grass to Grace, the “E Go Better”singer needed to have carried the desire to uplift his fashion sense to better taste. Leo has fallen prey to over a thousand critics on social media who speak awful about his fashion sense.

While others suggest he gets a coach and an experienced stylist, others produce memes and make fun of the superstar’s wardrobe malfunctions. In other words, it seems most of the newly and self acclaimed fashion critics and bloggers now use Mr Leo’s weak fashion sense to carry out their field work, rough work and test their practicals. How sad!

We can’t say what his resolutions are for the new year. Hopefully, killing it at every outing, red carpet or show should be “ABC” for the “Alpha Better Records” singer.

What do you guys think about the “Help” he needs? Drop your thoughts in the comments

Victor Kange