Cameroonian singer Meshi has turned her back on the now trending #Afrobeats, #Dancehall, #HipHop and even the fast rising #Mbole genre to embrace gospel music. The 26 year old singer through her social media made a couple of posts one of whoch she stated “I am going to sing for Jesus”. She also informed her fans that she will soon be visiting the studio to make new music for Jesus who found her.

Meshi went ahead to delete all photos of indecency on her social media, leaving behind a profile picture which reads “Fully Born Again, Jesus is my Life”

While a greater proportion of Meshi fans have accepted and congratulated the singer for her switch, some are yet to believe she has fully embraced Christianity as they see it to be another publicity stunt. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see what this new page reads for the Rembourser crooner.