Just like how scouts from Europe picture potential youngsters in football from Africa and do not usually hesitate to sign them, that’s the same way we might lose our very own Super star Mr. Leo to another scout although not from Europe but Nigeria.
Rumour has it that one of the world’s famous twin brothers and music duo P. Square had to go their separate ways. This is not the first time we’re hearing of them split. However, the twin brothers seem to be planning each to set up different labels for themselves. As it is rumoured that Peter Okoye in a video confirmed the signing of #MrPartout after a live performance in the United States.
 Fortunately for Peter Okoye and unfortunately for some Mr. Leo fans, the Nigerian singer might be gaining the Camer talent and his qualities (especially the French blend)  and Leo fans losing.
Looking also at the brighter side, depending on the terms of contract, Alpha Better Records and the Cameroon music industry may see open doors to multi talented figures.
However, we wish Mr. Leo the very best and I personally pray it comes his way.
Tell us what you think, should he leave?  Should he stay?  Do you think it’s a good move?.
-Victor Kange