Whenever it comes to the final say. The fans always have the upper hand. Some weeks back, fans came pouring all sorts of insults on Kamer’s most talented singer Mr. Leo for abandoning his homeland Cameroon which he left in total chaos and was showing sympathy for the white man’s land Texas, USA.
It all started when the Alpha Better most valued artistes did a publication about the people who lost their lives during the Texas incident. Mr. Leo took to his Facebook and shared a moment for the lost lives of the Americans. Unfortunately things turned the other way for him when his home based fans turned their back on him.
Just a few minutes ago, Mr. Leo does another publication showing sympathy for the lives lost during yesterdays protests in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. What does this action portray? Is he acting for the people?  Is he sympathizing? Are the fans satisfied or do they need a song from the number 1 singer with a good video?
Tell US what you think. See screenshot below..
Mr leo
-Victor Kange