Ko-c‘s Chill Single And Partnership With The Brand Chill Played A Huge Role To Boost The Beer’s Consumption 

Photo of Ko-c Signing Brand Ambassador Deal With CHILL Brand

Whenever a new product gets into the market, it is another ball game marketers need to play to get it evenly distributed to the final consumers. The brand CHILL was barely recognized before Ko-c’s hit song “CHILL”.
One fun fact about the song “CHILL” is that Ko-c made the song a long time ago before the beer was produced. Another fun fact is that the song CHILL is the first Amapiano song by a Cameroonian artiste.

Photo of Ko-c Signing Brand Ambassador Deal With CHILL Brand

As a smart artiste, he pitched the song to the brand which was highly appreciated and the deal was struck. It is safe to say that the success of the song CHILL also made the drink popular and grossly consumed by Cameroonians.
Another strategy that helped boost the publicity of the brand was the Chill Dance Challenge which saw the winners walking away with a 1.000.000 CFA cash prize.

Photo of Ko-c Handing Over 1 Million CFA Cash Prize To Dance Group

According to recent reports and reviews, CHILL happens to be one of the most consume drinks in the nation thanks to the exposure and influence of the artiste. Even you reading this probably tasted CHILL for the first time after seeing and hearing the song.