Wax Dey is a Cameroonian singer who hails from the Northwest region. He is also an award winning artiste who emerged Best Male Artiste, Central Africa at the 2016 AFRIMA Awards. A businessman, TV producer, renaissance writer and YPIA 2014 Top 35 African Under 35. He has worked with the likes of One.org, DBanj, Don Tom, Omawumi, Victoria Kimani just to name a few.

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Last Saturday, our guest of honour was Calabash Entertainment CEO Wax Dey, there was so much he talked about as he humbly responded to all the questions that caught his attention. It was a two hours live session with the backbone of the Number One Girl Reality TV Show. Amongst the hundreds of questions asked and topics Wax Dey raised during the LIVE session, this will be the first we shall be addressing. It is worthy to note that Wax Dey happens to be one of the most established and highly connected Cameroonian artistes of our generation. With all these links, the singer decided to push his brothers and sisters who are also trying to build both a name and a brand for themselves.

Wax Dey recounts how he has always been disrespected by those he has been pushing up the ladder and most especially on the Afrima Platform. He claims that the Cameroonian artistes he has been helping are very unappreciative and ungrateful. He went ahead to say that the only person who has showed him gratitude is Mr. Leo. In his words he said and I quote;

I have a lot of respect for Mr. Leo, because when we went to Nigeria to do the flavour remix, he paid the cost for that, that was the first time an artiste has ever paid to do anything. At the time when I was taking Stanley Enow to MTV writing to the boss of MTV to take care of these artistes. Till date Stanley Enow has never said thank you Wax Dey, Never! Nobody in Cameroon has ever said thank you for this… The only artiste that has ever appreciated what I have done to him is Mr. Leo”…

Oh No! Why was I quoting anyways whereas we have an excerpt of the 2 hours LIVE session on 237Showbiz? Watch Wax Dey’s exact words in the video below trimmed and edited by team KESAmag

The €60.000 question is, if Wax Dey helped put Stanley Enow on the AFRIMA platform and he won, does this means Wax Dey happens to be the architect of Stanley Enow’s AFRIMA awards so far?

All in all, if you ask me, I think every act of kindness deserves gratitude, be it online, offline of which ever way it is carried out.
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