Wow!! it is Saturday again, and we are back with your favorite event, Talent Promote. On todays edition, we have none other than the beautiful Damsel MIMIE. MIMIE is a Dance hall/afro-pop  artist based in mimie2Douala. She gained much attention after the release of her debut single Dance Fi U some few months back. The song was Produced by Salatiel and Phillbillbeatz. MIMIE is a newbie and definitely an act to look out for. This Interview will throw some highlights about the things many people don’t know about her, and is an opportunity for other artists to get to read more about her and discover her calm personality and her amazing singing talent. Y’all can hook her up with some experienced Acts in the game for a Music collaboration. Enough said,   lets get the Interview started Pronto!!!

Who is MIMIE? How did your early life prepare you for your career?

MIMIE is a young Cameroonian artist who just released her first single « Dance FiU ». In the very early stage of my life, I started performing as a video model, singer and song writer. At the age of 13 , I wrote my first song and was performing in a lot of school festivals and events. With time my passion for music became bigger more than any other thing.

what are your memorable childhood moments? What is your favorite Cameroonian Dish? But for being in the studio recording what else do you often do?

When I was 11 years old, I was known as Britney spears in  my school and during all this time I was the star of my school and Britney Spears became my name during those years. Tchaiiii, Eru is my favorite dish with half garri and extra meat looool. When i am not in the studio , I am training training. My daily schedule is very simple, university, gym, vocal lessons, recording studio and my favorite place “home”.

What made you to get into singing? Do you have a Manager? and are you currently signed to a Music Label?

Because i need to share my emotions with others, i cant keep my emotions for myself only. i have No manager and no label for now. I Only have people pushing me to attend my goal.

What inspired your debut single Dance Fi you, what message were you trying to pass on? What makes you unique from other female singers in your Genre? Do you face competition?

Dance FiU came out due to my love for Reggae dance hall , and since I like to dance, I decided to write this. my message was to show to ladies that they could dance for their partners because I realised that men love girls who know how to dance well. so in this song, I call everybody,  women espacially to dance well to their men when it comes to it, they dont need to be afraid or shy for being sensual,It’s a weapon it’s an advantage. Ladies if you dance it well for your mem, they wont go looking with their  mouth open at other girls dancing at the me!!. Well I am working hard and I hope the results will differentiate me from the others. Yes for sure there is a harsh competition in Cameroon at the moment because there is so much talents in this country and urban music is becoming very popular.

If we can get to your phone now which Cameroonian songs will we see? What do you think about the Cameroon Music Industry? And who will you love to do a collaboration with?

its hard hein, Locko-Ndutu, and many more. The Cameroonian music industry is going up with special artists like Stanley Enow who put our country on the map  and now its Franko, so we are better and international too. i will love to work with Charlotte Dipanda, she is the best female artist in my opinion.

Who are your top 5 Cameroonian celebrities? In Cameroon the consumption of foreign music is really high on radios and television, do you think the Cameroonian people support their own music?

Syndy Emade, Richard Bona, Franko, Samuel Etoo, Stanley Enow. Yes Cameroonians are supporting their artist more than before, It’s encouraging.

Rumor has it that you are were dating Stanley Enow, is that true? And if yes are you guys still dating?

Hein père !!!!!  No this is just a Rumor. He is one of my mentors.

How do you balance your music with other obligations – school, job? Do you consider doing music fulltime? Where do you see yourself in a few years?

It is not easy but i am already used to this life style and i have learned to manage my time and pressure. Yes I do but knowing that my education is what will drive me in this complex world. BET Music awards, I keep on dreaming and this is my motivation.

In the Entertainment panel right now, what do you think is lacking? Any suggestions are welcome.

We are lacking a lot of things locally such as good studios and infrastructure. But with the booming of the music industry, we hope to have more investors. Hopefully we will be like our neighbor the Nigerians.

What are you working on at the moment? Any surprise for your fans? Are you working on any International Projects?

I think it’s not more a surprise, people are waiting for the video, I need to give them what they want. So i am working on my video for the single Dance FiU. Beside that, working on new songs.  I hope my fans will enjoy with me my dancing steps for my man. for international projects Not at the moment.

Wow nice to know. It was nice having you on our Saturday schedule!!

Thanks very Much for the opportunity.

Its a Wrap, y’all now know a lot about the Dance Hall Queen, keep listening to her single below and show some support by sharing . See Y’all Next Saturday for the Next Artist.


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