Insights Into The Whole Team Behind Cameroonian Movie “THERAPY” Soon To Be On Netflix.

Making movies has never been a problem for Cameroonian filmmakers, actors and producers. One of the many difficulties the film industry has been facing is getting their product to air on international platforms so viewers can get to consume and support our Cameroonian films.

Set of the Movie “THERAPY”

Netflix opens its doors for Cameroonian movies as the movie “THERAPY” is set to air on Netflix soon. What a big win for the Cameroon’s Film Industry and lovers of drama films.

Produced by Ermelinde Sakah and Sakah Antoine of of Sam’s Productions and directed by Musing Derick and Anurin Nwunembom

Set of the Movie “THERAPY”

The film THERAPY stars Nollywood legends Richard Mofe Damijo and Iretiola Doyle as well as some Cameroonian top-notch like Alenne Menget, Syndy Emade, Lucie Memba, Obasy Ndula and Neba Godwill Awantu.

The story was written by Anurin Nwunembom, Musing Derick and Forkwa Babila. Director of Photography is Etta T. Rene, Production Designer credits go to Mokom Willston Muluh, Continuity credits to Jessie Newah, Gaffer/Lighting Design by Rapha Obi Tambe.

Syndy Emade and Richard Mofe Damijo on the set of the movie “THERAPY”

A trailer of the film was released on August 7, 2020 on YouTube. Cameroonian are more than ready to launch their Netflix application once the movie is available as announced. Watch the trailer below. Follow Sams Production on Instagram for more updates about the movie @samsproductioncameroon