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How do some Cameroonian artistes nowadays blow up so quickly? This is the question we’re about to find out! Talking about blowing up, you might be thinking we mean buying Porsche cars and million dollar mansions, shutting down 80.000 capacity venues or getting over 100M views on YouTube. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of blowing up we mean when it comes to our still growing infant entertainment industry. The industry is still taking its baby steps. There has been a lot of improvements and successes compared to the previous years. Artistes, most especially singers have been blowing up so quickly nowadays. What has been the trick behind these little successes. Our case studies here include the likes of the fast rising singer Kameni.

The young female singer signed to LIONN PRODUCTIONS by Cameroonian singer Mr Leo bursted out from nowhere and immediately she snatched the love from her present fans with her numerous freestyles she did with the use of a beat and the recording done with a smartphone. These freestyles went viral from Cameroon and across Africa. Kameni left most especially Nigerian superstar Timaya’s Bam Bam instrumentals dead on the floor as she killed every line in a cover she did! The freestyle didn’t just go viral in Cameroon but also in Nigeria. Kameni and her new record label are set to drop her first official project with her new team LIONN PRODUCTIONS on January 7th.

With the attention she has succeeded in pulling with her amazing covers, many of her fans and music lovers worldwide can’t wait for her next project! She has blown up! However, Kameni isn’t the first Cameroonian artiste to step on the spotlight using this particular strategies, the likes of Cameroon’s fastest rapper Ko-C and LOCKO started by doing freestyles and covers and dropping them on Facebook respectively. Today they have different stories to tell! It is an worthy to note that majority of Nabila’s die hearted fans discovered her when she murdered her cover of LOCKO’S Sawa Romance single.

Also, another method most Cameroonian artistes have used in blowing up so quickly is blending their music with their fashion taste and sexiness! Not every artistes is that talented. So the trick most of them do is that they compliment their music with their rich fashion sense.

While the females are loved for being sexy and the drive pushes the fans to listen to their music and watch their videos, the male artistes flaunt their 6 packs, expensive clothings and these strategies works out for most of them. Majority of the world’s music lovers today may live their favorite artiste for something totally disassociated with their music. It may be one thing that attracts the fans to love their celebrities to another!

All in all, the reason why you have stayed longer in the game yet doing excellent music but you’re still to hit the jackpot is simply because there’s something others are doing that your aren’t. Find yourself, apply these strategies to boost up your online presence and see how much attention and love you’ll be able to gain!

The industry is growing, the cake is big, everyone is capable of having a bite!

Victor Kange