Pascal and Mihney  Go in hard on Check Sense 2 Produced by Ediledrae


Are y’all paying attention to what’s going on in Cameroonian Rap? Because you should be. On this week’s  schedule of releases, I came across  the video for “CheckSense 2” by Pascal AKA YungKing featuring female Rapper and singer  Mihney signed to Gabon based Eben Entertainment. There’s not much else to say except that the song is live as hell, and that both  rapped their asses off.

Pascal’s first up, his hook and verse going in non-stop over a banging Draeboii produced beat with a  melody that’s laid atop an extra-hard, fast-as-shit beat.  Pascal took his story telling in Checksense 2 to a different dimension, riding with us on a Hustlers journey that will soon officially be made the Hustlers anthem.

The Connection between his lyrics and reality is on a 100,  Mihney who’s also been having a somewhat impressive year reminds us why you should mention her when ever you talk about female rappers in the game. Whoooooo hold on a minute,  her sassy and bad girl game mixed with some hot bars will make you love Mihney even more if you were not already in love with her music.

It’s a fiery tag team of a track, one that brings me back to some of my favorite older, uptempo cuts i will likely replay over and over again. Walter Enow a new name  in the video directing game  is fast becoming a reference when it comes to Hip Hop videos, he first gave us a good rap video feel on Pikin 4 Sun and now he pours his expertise on yet another impressive one Check sense 2. Allthough Check Sense 2 could have been better with different locations on it, this shortcoming was backed up by the fact that  the video location was Impressive. Gone are the days where we were excited seeing rap videos on the top of uncompleted buildings. Need i say more? Fans/viewers and foreigners are also interested in seeing those parts of Cameroon that are exciting, atleast the video showed us an impressive scene.

From this piece i can confidently say Pascal is ready to move on after his exit from New Bell Music. Since we already know most Cameroonian artists suffer from a consistency crisis, i will take back some credit for all the hype , but of-course I’m excited to hear what else comes from each of them. In the meantime, peep  on the track and let me know what you think in the comment section below.


Emmanuel Mfon

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