Hello!  Dear 237Showbees welcome to our very first session of your favorite brand new segment of 237Showbiz Ndem Of The Month. 

In the month of January, there was a lot of ”Ndem” by some Camer artistes. A good Example is the cutlery ”ndem” by Magasco eating some roasted fish. Again he was spotted eating the famous North West dish achu with cutlery as well. All these were messed up actions by the Bamenda boy. Unfortunately, his ”ndem” couldn’t grant him the award for our prestigious ”Ndem of the Month”.

Thus, the ”Ndem of the Month” of January goes to TILLA aka Godmother when she posted about ASKIA calling her and fixing things up. This takes her to the TOP and she emerged our undisputed winner for the ”Ndem Of The Month”

See screenshot of her post below;

Tilla Tafarri

Tell us in the comment section if you think she ”Ndemed” or not.

Victor Kange