Its abnormal for celebrities and famous business persons to be disconnected from their social media platforms for a very long time, worst still, it doesn’t look right when their pages are suspended. In the case whereby an artiste can be there unavailable due ill health, it is the place of either their manager or PR to look into the smooth running of their social media platforms and ensure a consistent running of all updates.

This hasn’t been the case of Alpha Better Records Mr. Leo. We have been visiting his twitter page for about a week now and we noticed that the singer’s twitter account has been suspended.

The Jamais Jamais crooner and On Va Gerer hitmaker has lost contact with his twitter family as he now relies only on Facebook and Instagram for communication.

What we don’t understand is the caliber or gravity of the crime he committed causing the twitter authorities to suspend his platform. Was his twitter account verified by twitter? If yes, such cases are rare on such accounts. Next week shall be making it week number 2 since it was suspended.

We’re hoping the issue get resolved and he drops a statement about it. Till then.

Victor Kange