For the last two years there has been a huge interest from fans showing interest in Cameroonian movies. With Cameroonian movies such as Fisherman’s diary, Therapy, Broken, A Man for the Weekend hitting Netflix, it’s been a huge conversation about where to watch Cameroonian movies locally in Cameroon. A question which many film producers can barely answer whenever they are interviewed.
A Cameroonian movie has till date never been nominated at the Oscars. For 2023 the Cameroonian movie The Planters Plantation was the official movie selected by the Cameroon’s actors Guild to represent Cameroon in the International film category.
A submission we now know wasn’t officially nominated for the 2023 Oscars. 
The Planters Plantation is a Movie Directed by Eystein Young which tells a story of a young woman battling family and other forces to preserve her late father’s legacy, a colonial-era plantation.
As we hope this changes soon, we continue to applaud our film producers for not giving up, even though the road looks quite rough.