July 15th every year, the family of 20 year old late Erica Mfiya Mouliom will have to remember their beautiful daughter who died in a car accident in Douala with Cameroonian rapper Tenor on the wheel, drunk and driving. 3 months after she was laid to rest, with a pending court case, rapper Tenor is back in the public eye. His first public appearance after the incident was the just ended Canal D’or Acte 13 in which the rapper emerged “Meilleur Artiste Afro Urban”.
During his acceptance speech, Tenor requested a minute of silence in honor of late Erika Mfiya Mouliom. Tenor revealed his plans to orchestrate a nationwide tour to sensitize the public on road accidents.Not only did Tenor’s public appearance spark a wave of mixed feelings and reactions from the public, also did his acceptance speech and PR moves contribute to the numerous reactions by netizens.
Many have stated that he didn’t deserve to get any nominations neither did he deserve a win, others stated it was too soon to make a public appearance and his PR move looks disrespectful to the bereaved family. It should be noted that, the Canal d’Or Awards are organized every 2 years and taking into consideration the criteria for nominations, it dates back 2 years before the accident.
Notwithstanding, we cannot turn a blind eye on the rapper’s new look, character and composure. Many seem to have changed and the incident must have humbled him. However, it is still painful for the family of late Erika to watch people applaud someone whom they believe is the cause of their daughter’s demise.
What are your thoughts? Should Tenor have waited more longer ? How long ? Was the public appearance too soon ? Leave your comments/thoughts below.