Has Capees Comedy World set the bar high for Cameroon Comedy ?

Let’s Talk about it

Capees Comedy World is a a COMEDY production house based in Buea,Cameroon which has been running for more than 2 years now

It started when Lovert Lambe & Mbeng Lillian partnered up with the aim of making a name for themselves in the movie Industry.Little did they know that in 2 years time, their comedy will not only touch hearts but give a modern day resonance & reflection of Cameroonian culture .

The main Plot of their show talks about a local couple in the rural areas of South West ,Cameroon who cause mayhem, chaos and drama in the community . While doing so , they portray love , affection and mutual respect for each other .The show is filled with slangs, jokes , words and lessons which relate to the day to day life of the average Cameroonian

Capees Comedy world brings out the child in you and reminds you about where you come from .
Straight to the point and easily relatable .The above statements are reasons why they currently stand at 35k YouTube Subscribers, 117k Facebook Followers & 12k Instagram Followers.

The above statements are the reasons why they have won awards and shined brighter than Rihanna’s Diamond .Aside from numbers , the impact on the community is priceless. With Capees Comedy world , you are sure of a daily dose of laughter , memories and fun .

Caro worrying about her plantain business , feeding her “Massa” and NOT minding her business while Copees being a very jealous & protective husband.How won’t you laugh when this couple verbally attack Manyi the neighbor for minding her business ?

Which brings us back to the question , Has Capees Comedy World Set the bar high for Cameroonian Comedy ?

The Answer is up to you