One hand they say can’t tie a bundle. Same as when one person fumbles the other one will double. You might think although they need each other, one doesn’t play a much bigger role than the other. Beat makers/producers according to most fans are the most important figures in the music world. They create the sounds and record the voices for the artists who just come and voice out the lyrics.
In most cases, the producer/beat maker still has to carry out a few touches to make it a hit. Whereas only a few artists can actually write the hits they make. The producers call on the artists, proposes a beat for them and actually makes it sound like music.
Many of you understand the lives of producers/beat makers. The sleepless nights they go through to make different kinds of sounds for their various artists. Unfortunately many of them are not well appreciated in the Kamer music industry as some are exploited and used by some artists. Just like the latest saga between IVO and Maahlox.
It is obvious that a good number of beat makers/producers can sing as well but not all artists can make beats and produce good hits. Therefore, the beat makers and producers don’t really need the services of artists as music lovers can dance and nod their heads to beats, whereas it isn’t the case when an artist sings with no sound backing it up.
Its not advisable to cause conflicts between producers and artists. They need each other especially in a growing industry like ours. However this article is to get the various views of the fans. Please tell US what you think in the comment section below. Tag a producer, tag an artists.

Victor Kange