Some time last year 2017, Blu Nation’s finest singer Tzy Panchak posted and showed off his new car while he was on tour in the United States. After the tour he later travelled back to Cameroon while expecting the car months after. news on ground at the time was that the artiste will get his new ride in less than no time.

Months later, there were no signs of the newly acquired vehicle which caused tongues to begin wagging. Asking for the car and some went as far as concluding that Blu Nation, the label he’s signed to couldn’t settle custom duties in the seaport. Those of you who clear goods from the port can tell a better story of how things work there.

However, we are glad to announce to you guys that the ”Not Lucky But Blessed” singer now has his hands on the wheels and his right foot on the throttle of his OWN ride. Its an SUV Honda! Worth millions of CFA including custom duties.

We have no other words than to say congratulations and enjoy your new ride Tzy!

Victor Kange