The internet is crazy and hell yeah we love it! So there’s this challenge which surfaced the Internet some few days ago. It started with the celebrities far and wide who took to their social media to showcase a 10 year transformation of themselves. It could be looks, success, just to name a few.

However, things got really awkward when the challenge landed in the hands of Cameroonians. Trust our fellow brothers and sisters who either “PhotoGrided” their favorite celebrities or the celebrities did it themselves for the fun! Without wasting much of your time, check out our TOP 10 Funniest #10YearsChallenge compilation. January is proving to be a hard month with stress and some hard times. Use this to loosen up and enjoy the fun that comes with it!


The 8 year old rapper didn’t miss out on the 10 Year Challenge! According to the winner of the 237Showbiz Music Competition, age has never been a barrier when it comes to this challenge!

9. Mboko God Vs King Kong

This particular spot doesn’t need any explanation! Trust me, if you can interpret what this photo implies, then you must have a great sense of humour.

8. Viral Photo

There’s nothing much to say about this particular #10YearChallenge but this just explains the character of some men! A picture worth 1000 words

7. Mama Nguea

We still don’t understand what the Cameroonian singer is trying to prove here with her makeup. One thing we know for sure is the paintings on her face over the years has trended more that her entire career! She claims our 7th spot “hoha”

6. Mel B Akwen

As the introduction of this writeup stated, some fans expressed the physical, financial and successful transformations of their favorite stars, you can’t talk about that and you leave out Mel B Akwen! The Bella singer has come a long way! So many hit songs here and there, Frappé to Bella we can agree she has “Estableached”


So many people applauded her for her confidence cause she actually dugout these photos from her gallery 10 years ago and shared on social media! Her “valeur” is no longer the same as she has succeeded in her physical transformation! Which of the ASKIAS do you prefer? She gets our number 5 spot

In other news, ASKIA is bringing us some new music pretty soon! Check out the BTS Photos of her next single titled MÉDECINE Featuring PMart

4. Viral Photo

We have just a few words for this! This is totally UNACCEPTABLE but we thank God for transformation!

3. Minks’

Cameroonian rapper MINKS’ who is currently preparing his European Tour for the month of February to March didn’t let the fun pass him by, after insulting “Le Gars La Qu’il Est Laid” we think Minks should have taken a second look of himself in the past! Les gens vont encore dire que jeeee!

2. Stanley Enow

The King Kong Stanley Enow seems to be stress free as he enjoys the show, he shares a #10YearChallenge made by a troll with the caption “God Bless The Person Who Did This ??? #Casanova

Is that really Stanley Enow in 2009? Please if you were friends with the King Kong back then we need you now !

1. Mr Leo

Apart from Stanley Enow, Mr Leo also falls prey in the hands of social media bullies! He shares one of the most trending 10 Years Challenge photos from Cameroon as he laughs at the fun filled gesture! What bothers us is if that’s really Mr Leo? What do you think ? Hmmmm

Do you have a funnier 10 Year Challenge? Please drop them in the comments! Share to brighten a sad face!

Victor Kange