This is literally one of the most tedious count down articles we’ve ever done especially getting research and compiling considering the fact that no blog has done something like this sort that we could even have an idea or clue before bringing up ours. Nowadays, apart from Trace Africa, YouTube is the new place to showcase Cameroonian music videos, pushing not only the artistes, but the video directors and their team. On this segment of our Top 10 countdown we bring to you guys the All time most viewed Cameroonian music videos  on youtube. Read up and tell us what you think.

10. Locko – Ndutu

On our 10th spot is Bigdreams Ent’s biggest employee Locko with his one time hit ”Ndutu’‘. A song and music video that appreciates the Cameroonian woman. Released barely a year ago, with 2.7Million YouTube views and counting, it stays on our 10th place. However, there might be some controversy here because Mr Leo’s video for Je T’aime has 2.9M views, but we didn’t pick out that because he featured Hiro in it. That’s for the records.

9. MAAHLOX LE VIBEUR – Tu Montes Tu Descends

 Maahlox AKA Le VIbeur as he  is fondly called  occupies spot 9 with his Controversial Video Tu Montes Tu Descends.  The song which was banned from being aired on several media platforms, for it’s obscene nature actually turned out to have an impressive youtube view count. His hit song currently is at  3.7Million views on YouTube.

8. Reniss – La Sauce

New Bell Music’s mama Reniss Kien blowed Africa with her hit song La Sauce, directed by Ndukong. This delicacy was served hot for everyone in 2016 when it was released. She got the world dancing and watching 4.4Million times. Even the president knew about this sauce. Epic!

7. Charlotte Dipanda – Elle N’a Pas Vu

Charlotte is one hell of a talented artiste. I for one think she’s legendary. In her music video Elle n’a pas vu, she tries to bring out a story of a mother who struggled bringing her up, but never imagined she’ll be this ”more than great in future”. This amazing story in moving pictures has been viewed 4.4Million times on YouTube. Such stories are a replica of many kids today. She stands on our 7th spot

6. Mr Leo ft Locko – Supportér

Two of Kamer’s biggest entertainers on a single project, what do you expect? One word, Greatness! With Dr Nkeng Stephens behind the camera, all you’re sure of is a great picture. Released barely a year ago, the story of lovers sticking together in times of pain and joy has been on YouTube all this while and has only 5.1Million views. You guys need to watch more..

5. MAAHLOX LE VIBEUR – Ça Sort Comme Ça Sort

Yaounde based Zone2Rap Rapper Maahlox Le Vibeur  Occupies spot 5 Comfortably with his Club Banger Ça Sort Comme Ça Sort. His Hot song is currently one of the most played songs from an urban artist. The Rapper has succeeded to build a solid fanbase around him. His other singles such as  Tuer pour Tuer is doing really great with 2.2 M views.

4. Mr Leo – Jamais Jamais

Mr. Leo takes another spot on our countdown. Its undeniable he’s on fire right now. Video shot by Dr Nkeng Stephens has a record of over 6.8Million views on YouTube. He claims our 4th spot ”Au Calme”

3. Petit Pays – Sans Toi Remix

Who noticed the legendary artiste Rabba Rabbi now shoots very clean and well organized videos with storylines?  I was shocked when I saw Adrenaline behind the camera on one of his videos. Well just like Longue Longue, the old timers and previous legends are now upgrading. Many of you haven’t watched this video, but it claims our 5th spot with just 8 months of its release and has over 6.3Million views on YouTube. Talk about legends!


2. Daphne – Calée
Calée views just keep going upwards. With just 8 months after its release on YouTube, the video by Nkeng Stephens has a total of over 12Million views and counting as many are still ”Caléeying” when they see the link anywhere on the internet.

1. Franko – Coller La Petite
Number 1 didn’t shock you. Even the dead knows no one has beaten this 48Million views on YouTube yet. Although the song sounds now like a broken record, it made its way into books. If this song were to be taken down from YouTube today and uploaded the following day. It will take a year to make 1000 views.

Thanks for reading. That was our countdown for TOP 10 most viewed Camer YouTube videos of all time. Which spot do you find disturbing ? Tell us what you think.

– Victor Kange