Sendwave has a mission of making it more affordable and accessible to send money to Cameroon and other countries in Africa and Asia! We offer an affordable, secure, and convenient service, and you can send money as easily as sending a text! We are grateful for our partnership with 237Showbiz and hope to continue to partner with diaspora-based organizations to continue to empower the Cameroonian people!

Why use Sendwave?

Sendwave charges no fees from the United States and only minimal fees in France!
Fast: 80% of transactions go within 1 minute, with most reaching their recipient within seconds
Convenient: with Sendwave you can send straight from your phone to any MTN or Orange mobile wallet at any time within seconds
Reliable: 950,000 users and counting
Secure: highest level encryption security that ensures any data entered into the app is safe and secure
If you sign up and try us for the first time, you can use the promo code 237SHOWBIZ, and this will give you a $5 credit on your transfer now. Below are the 4 easy steps on how to use the Sendwave App.

Size and history of Sendwave:

Sendwave started in 2014 as a mission led company – with the mission to make sending money as simple and affordable as sending a text.
We aim at reducing the costs of remittances and making it fast hustle free.
Sendwave is used mostly by diaspora community members in the US, Canada and Europe, to send money to millions of people in Africa including: Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal and more!
Millions of transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars flow through our service each month
Sendwave is very big in the African countries it offers remittances services to – in most of them it has over 50% market share, which means that over 50% of remittances from the diaspora to the country are done through Sendwave.
Business structure (how do we make money):
Where we can, we provide a commission free service. Where this is not possible, we charge a small fee but don’t change the exchange rate.
While most companies and banks earn money from both fee and the FX (exchange rate differences) we always only earn either on FX , or, when this is not possible, like the case of Liberia – only on a small fee.

Quick service
Sendwave offers quick transfers, which most transactions taking place in under a minute.

Sendwave is licensed in 49 separate states in the US
Sendwave is also licensed in Europe and the UK regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Our chief compliance officer – Michael Luebbert used to run compliance and risk at Western Union for many years.
We are backed by many world-renowned investors like the founders of PayPal.

Safety & Security:
We are a heavily secured platform using the standard for anything dealing with personal information – 128-bit encryption
We employ the leading debit card processors which means that we cannot even see the information of users – it is all encrypted and it is not saved with anyone (only in your personal phone, protected by your personal password) – this means that there is no way for your payment information to get to unwanted places. Which card processors do we work with:
Worldpay and Checkout – both multibillion dollar companies.
When you pay in super markets by tapping your debit card you’re doing the exact same action to when you transfer with Sendwave – Supermarkets are using the same leading card processors.

Download the Sendwave App on Play Store and App Store 

Below is an illustration on how to start using the Sendwave App.