Cameroonian rapper and head huncho of production house Sabiboy Records who goes by the stage name Wan Shey has taken up the urge to fire back at uprising Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe’s previous “diss” track “My Way”. It seems like the Andirifa crooner didn’t see this recent “diss” coming as it drops the same day he was replying to the previous “My Way” diss from his fellow Ghanaian rapper. Does this mean Wan Shey needs to drop another “diss” for “Moment Of Truth”

If you are new to this beef, take a seat and relax lets break it down for you. To all what started as an MI Abaga Martell Cypher released some few weeks ago. Nigerian rapper MI in his verse on the cypher series stated that there were only 2 Ghanaian rappers, 3 from South Africa and one from Kenya who can step up to him on their best day. Feeling disrespected as he or Cameroon wasn’t mentioned in the list, Cameroonian rapper Jovi took to his social media to show his disappointment and express his feelings of neglect. He later dropped his latest track titled “Big Bang aimed at MI Abaga and his entire crew.

Although we are still waiting to get a response of Jovi’s Big Bang from MI, Ghanaian uprising rapper Lyrical Joe came into the picture and took to his social media to throw shots at both Jovi and MI. Few days later, he dropped his first diss track titled “Dracarys” aimed at Jovi and MI Abaga. It was from this juncture that the beef escalated and drew in the attention of other rappers since Jovi tweeted about it and it brought attention to Cameroon. Things later took a different spin when Lyrical Joe released the second diss track titled “My Way” whereby he mentioned the famous Lake Nyos Disaster and went political in his raps.

Although the rapper apologized some few days after, it seemed to many like he did a bite and blow when they learned another diss track which he recently released titled “Moment Of Truth” was dropping this weekend. Lyrical Joe at the znd of his diss stated clearly that Cameroon wasn’t goint to hear from him again. However, news reaching our desk is that uprising Cameroonian rapper Gudda Roe is set to drop another diss track come 15th October aimed at lashing the Ghanaian rapper. We can’t wait to listen to that!

Have you listened to Wan Shey’s own version? Watch and drop your thoughts!

Victor Kange