It’s another brand new day and we decided to unlock one more juice from Wax Dey’s LIVE session on 237Showbiz Facebook page. Did you miss the first juice where Wax Dey said “No Cameroonian ever said thank you for what he did for them except Mr. Leo

In this edition, the issue Wax Dey raised concerns the likes of media influencer, artiste and talk show host Nabil Nabstar of Nabstar Radio. So how did Nabil come into the picture? The first time I read Nabil taking shots at Wax Dey was during the Number One Girl TV Show producedd by Wax Dey.

According to Nabil and the winner of Season I, the poor girl was never given her prize money but the reality show was already seeing a season 3. Nabil Nabstar took this issue to his Facebook page and these rants caught the attention of Cameroonian Gossip Blogger Valery Atia. As good as he can be in the squeezing of juice out of his guests on his highly followed live session, Valery Atia interviewed Nabil Nabstar on the Live session and Nabil Nabstar still spoke furiously about the same prize money not reaching the winner of season one of the Number One Girl TV Show. He went ahead to talk about the fact that Wax Dey is fond of exploiting young talents and he should free the likes of Realm Squad, a Cameroonian group of two artiste whom Wax Dey signed but they breached their contract which was a whooping sum of $50.000 that’s some 25.000.000XAF.

Realm Squad

Furthermore, when asked why the Realm Squad video “C’est La Vie” was taken down from YouTube, Wax Dey replied that the simple issue to solve this is communication and that he had handed the case to a company and there’s a lawyer handling the case. He added that the Realm Squad issue is no longer in his hands and at this point, he had no idea the level of the case.

However, when asked what he thought about the shots, rants and criticisms Nabil was hitting on him, he quickly responded by saying that he can’t answer on Nabil’s issues. He added that all the attack he’s been getting from Nabil he has no idea about it. However, he called Nabil one day and said he’s been hearing some stuff Nabil has been saying about him and it seems Nabil has a problem with him. Wax Dey later on called Nabil Nabstar for a talk but the talk show host declined and according to Wax Dey, Nabil Nabstar ran away.

All in all, Nabil’s issues with Wax Dey seems to be the fact that, many keep complaining on Wax Dey’s exploitative actions and the radio talk show host couldn’t hold back his feelings and he had to call the Calabash Entertainment CEO out. What’s confusing is Wax Dey’s humility during the LIVE session is nothing compared to the accusations you read online.

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Victor Kange