It has come to our notice that most upcoming artistes hardly follow a plan when carrying out their musical projects. Some don’t even write down plans on how they can go about with their expenditure.

In Cameroon most especially, after spending so much on beats, studio sessions and actually recording and producing their audio tracks, the few who can go ahead to shoot music videos do so at ease.

Meanwhile, on reaching the finish line (Promotion) which seems to be the final stage of their projects, the same artistes who spent stacks on their projects turn to beggars in the message box of promoters and bloggers. Some go as far as narrating their personal problems, marital situations and financial breakdowns. Pleading on bloggers and promoters to help them and that they will pay when they ”blow” (Make It Big).

This is an actual blow on the faces of bloggers, belittling them, using them every time as this seems to be a normal phenomenon of upcoming artists.

They never have money to pay bloggers”

How can we solve this issue? Is it because bloggers works comes towards the end?

Should artiste commence their projects by paying bloggers upfront?

Let us get your views about this!

Victor Kange