Magasco Au PAPOSY” was probably the most anticipated event this December and it was so for many reasons, but for a lot of people they just wanted to see if an Anglophone artiste can fill up the Yaounde Multi-purpose sports complex. Well, they sure have an answer now. Maybe an Anglophone artiste can fill up the hall but 22nd December was not the day that was done. Despite relentless efforts by Magasco, his team and that of several fans and well-wishers who would have loved to see Magasco shutdown the PAPOSY, it just did not happen. The number one question on everyone’s lips will most certainly be “What happened?” Of course we will look into that, but that will not be done in this write-up.

I mentioned in an article before this one that the real deal was to give a good show and not really to shut down the hall, and talking of a good show Magasco killed it. In an unprecedented display of emotion Magasco proved to the world the young Tohnain Anthony Nguo who used to sell “Okrika” in Bamenda is now a full-fledged artiste loved by many and a very generous discography at his disposal enough to move any crowd. The first part of the concert kick started with several upcoming acts such as Fidjil, Sojip, Mbekool, the beautiful L’Or and others. The effervescence in the hall grew significantly as Pascal made his entrance with “Check Sense part 2” and he had Mihney join him on stage, this performance marked the end of the first part of the Golden Show.

Magasco can safely be called a unifying agent in Cameroon entertainment, his concert was not only a very decent show, and it was also a meeting place for a lot of artiste. Magasco performed most of his hit tracks and the songs that have lifted him to the level of a continental star but what turned out to be the most scintillating performance of the night was “Zamba” he was joined on stage by Jean Greg Belobo, Cameroon’s best opera singer and a support choir. Before the performance Magasco spoke about the crisis and dedicated his song to it, asking the crowd to pray for God’s intervention in the crisis. He even shed tears in the heart of the emotion, we saw a very concerned son of the soil who is wary about the current situation back home. The other performances where all very amazing with several artistes from far and wide joining Magasco on stage. I am talking here about Shan’l who joined Magasco to perform “Love it”, Mimie, Rythmz, Ko-C was on stage too, Locko came to perform “Power 3” and for the big surprise of the night there was Singuila who joined Magasco to sing along on “Belinda”, the duo was so good on this song that Cameroonian Soul diva Charlotte Dipanda could not help but be on her feet for a dance.

The Golden Boy also got people whose contribution in his career has been invaluable on stage to thank them. Notably Pazzo Sangtum, in Magasco’s words “Voici mon pere, mon mentor, mon tout, si je suis ici aujourd’hui c’est grace a lui”, he was also joined on stage by Alexandre Song and Idriss Carlos Kameni who are both professional football players. And to crown it all, in respect to the tradition of saving the best for the last, the “Wule Bang Bang” hit maker brought his mother on stage. He expressed his most profound gratitude to the public for the amazing support, he thanked the Empire Company team for the support and the concert ended in the very early hours of Sunday morning.

The Golden Show was a resounding success; it was the kind of concert fans want to see their favourite artistes do. There was no playback throughout the show, instrumentals only and the artistes who came along had to impose their natural voices on the sound. Once more Magasco has proven to be one of Cameroon’s musical and cultural MVP’s, it shall forever be written that on December 22nd, Tohnain Anthony Nguo from the slums of Bamenda town was the first Anglophone artistes to deliver a great show at the most coveted hall in the country, the Yaounde Multi-purpose Sports Complex. Congratulations to Magasco, his entire team and all his fans, that was definitely a once in a lifetime experience