Recently a lot of attention has been focused on theLast Supper crooner Young Holiday especially after he featured in Njie Moni’sThe Struggle” track. He came to the light some years back when he dropped a cover for Forever Young and this attention rose exponentially when we dropped his first EP “Holiweek” which was the piece that brought his name up in many rap related discussions in Cameroon. Since then he keeps impressing the public with his breathtaking punchlines and powerful verses.

Young Holiday is an unrepentant lyricists who seems to have a penchant for addressing real societal issues in his music,his ability to combine the English language and the local pidgin language to deliver cutting edge punchlines and highly poetic verses hardly leaves anyone indifferent. Many people talk of Young Holiday as some sort of messiah of lyrical and conscientious rap in Cameroon calling him the best while others see it as beginners luck and thinkΒ  he still has a lot to prove in order to earn his space in the industry. Well, as for now what everybody agrees on is that he has real potential.So, fellow 237showbees , what do you think about the rapper, do you think he is a lucky beginner or is he actually a force to reckon as concerns lyrical rap in Cameroon?