When we talk of yielding fruits, we start looking at the fruit trees after the famous hit song “Calée” which happens to have changed the career life of the Stevens Music Entertainment frontline artiste. The Daphne/Alpha Better Records collaboration over the years has yielded more fruits and written many success stories between Daphne, her label and that of Alpha Better Records. With the High Man General Salatiel producing and co-writing the hit song Calée, all Daphne needed to do was to pour out her beautiful voice on the beats and add a few touches to spice what happened to be one of the biggest songs directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens released in March 30th 2017. The famous Calée hit song sits comfortably on YouTube with over 20 Million Views.

Moving on, after recording a great success story like that of Calée, it is unarguably true that Salatiel and team Stevens Music were skeptical about what the next release of Daphne will look and sound like and how the public will receive it. Before we knew it, “Boom” she dropped two grenades 8 months later, it was a double release. “Promets Moi” which was produced by Big Joe while the mixing and mastering was handled by Salatiel and Jusqu’à La Gare produced by Salatiel himself. At this juncture, the partnership between Daphne and Alpha Better Records was proven to be one and if not, the only successful musical partnership in Cameroon in the year 2017.

The bond was finally cemented when Daphne dropped My Lover, the part 4 of her love story which started with the falling in love as seen in her “Calée” hit song, then came the double release with “Promets Moi” promising to stay in love, “Jusqu’à La Gare” which sends out her messages of how she endured in love and finally “My Lover” of how love started falling apart and how it began losing its endurance. The My Lover Song was produced by Alpha Better Records Big Joe while Salatiel mixed and mastered the song.

So you can realize how collaborating together can yield more fruits that beefing and choosing hate over love. In the space of one year, Alpha Better Records and Daphne released 4 big Daphne projects and we don’t think they are willing to stop there, No! Not so soon! It’s clear both teams will work more often in the months ahead! It’s evident they will since Salatiel invited Daphne to spice up his “Comme Ça (A Nous Deux)” Single .

Alpha Better Records no doubt has played a vital role in the career life of Daphne. As a producer, Salatiel has been able to find her voice and knows what best she can feel comfortable with in terms of rhythm, and vibe. What actually will be Daphne without the likes of Salatiel and Dr Nkeng Stephens?

This writeup has a moral story. Working together as a team especially in an infant and growing industry like ours is way better than thinking you can do it all by yourself. We hope to see more togetherness this new year 2019!

Cameroon Entertainment. music especially has the potentials to “blow” let’s not neglect it!

Victor Kange