L’or is a singer, songwriter and talented guitarist who captured the hearts of many of her fans when she recorded two of her verses on Pascal Yung King (Former New Bell Music Rapper’s) song Manka’a and I No Kam Fine. She also featured on Tata’s single IÇI Ever since then,the fans have been waiting patiently to hear from her. Worried fans are beginning to think that the label seems to be paying less attention to her. Others are saying she’s just being lazy and needs to work more.

Apart from featuring in Reniss‘ video Pilon and Jovi’s Mongshung and 20BA videos as an actress and a vixen, there has been no signs of the singer doing her own thing. No update on her social media platforms for her fans to know what she has been up to. Rumour has it that she stopped singing a while ago. However, these rumours seem to be false as she can still be seen in the label’s official website www.newbellmusic.com under the sub menu for artistes.

Can she be termed the Black Sheep of the group? Why has she been silent all this while? Fans keep asking. We hope she’s working on her EP as it is clearly stated on her info on the website although the specific year or time wasn’t mentioned.

Before we conclude, bare it in mind that New Bell Music have their own way of doing things, they’ll hardly hype or create much awareness whenever they are about to release a new project. Call it their own strategy or label policy. We just hope to hear from L’or anytime soon. You’ll agree she’s too talented to be silent this long.

Victor Kange