Its obvious that Cameroonian Super Star Magasco AKA Bamenda Boy has ”blown” believe it or not. From touring Europe and the USA to shutting down shows means he’s one of those Camer artistes who have written down their names in the history book as far as 237 Showbiz is concerned.

However, we’re yet to witness him bring on stage young talents, upcoming artiste and make music with them. It’s ok to think that maybe the label might have some rules and he’s being careful avoiding wack featuring but there seems to be no harm in trying. There are many upcoming artiste who are even more talented than he was when he was struggling to shine on. So that can’t be an excuse.

It baffles me how the already established artistes find it so hard to make songs with the upcoming artistes. Whereas in their era, they were somehow granted an opportunity that’s why we have them where they are today.  Camer artistes need to work together in order to grow the music industry. The Latest Power Collabo was  a good show off, of how urban artists need to work more together.  In any Case Magasco has mentioned on interviews that his Album will be Coming soon, Will his much anticipated album have some upcoming acts on it?

What’s your take on this?

– Victor Kange