On our hot seat on 237showbiz this time around is NP other than the young Prodigy Skidi Boy. A rapper with an impeccable style of flow, humble and capable of pulling off every stage he gets on. Growing up in the streets before finding his way into music, Skidi Boy shares with his fans some juice. 237showbiz caught up with the Nanga Mboko rapper and squeezed out some juicy info. Read the interview below, Share and tell us  what you think.
237Showbiz: In a few words, tell US who is Skidi Booy? 
Skidi Boy: Skidi Boy is an upcoming rapper signed under SB Nation based in Buea, formerly from Kumba. I am an indigene from the North West Region. Bamenda to be precise.
237Showbiz: Your stage name is Skidi Boy, what inpired that? 
Skidi Boy: Well the name Skidi Boy came as a result of a freestyle I did. At first, I was known as ”Skill Snap” (Laughs). So doing the freestyle I later introduced myself with the appellation “Skidi Boy” to me I think it’s beyong my imagination or reasoning .
237Showbiz: How did you start making music? 
Skidi Boy: Well I started doing music at a tender age. In my secondary school days precisely in form 2 in Bamenda. I used to sing songs by great artists back then from the likes of Westlife, 2pac and Craig David. I did my first song titled “try to change” it had a great turn up since then I became the rapper you know today watagwanman?
237Showbiz: If you were to kick out one rapper out of the game and take his/her place, who would that be? 
Skidi Boy: I don’t think I would love to kick out any rapper cuz they are extremely great. I’ll rather join forces with some to make the industry proud. Peace
237Showbiz: Cameroon music is growing one way or the other, many are contributing to its growth, what efforts are you doing to help?  Do you do collaborations for free and what do you charge if at all you do? 
Skidi Boy: Hahaha hahaha ohh yea I think one of my roles as an artist is to speak for the people. You can feel it in my songs. I think from me so many people feel involved in the industry .Yeah!  I do collabos, some of which are Nyango ft charmin Prince, welcome4kwata with Askia, Magician with Habib du Bled, ”E no Easy” with Rayca Hood and a lot more. If anybody has a good song and needs me to spit some fire on, let he/she contact me. If it sounds good to me, I’ll definitely jump on it .
237Showbiz: Your First Album ” Am The Man” (ATM)    will be out soon, please tell us something about it? 
Ohhhh yeah!  ”Massa na confirm” ATM is a package. I don’t even wanna reveal a bit of it let my fans keep their fingers crossed and wait for it .
237Showbiz: Who is your Kamer Celebrity Crush? 
Skidi Boy: Oh! Damn! ”chai! I done all them but I think Cyndy Emade is bae.”
237Showbiz: Nanga Mboko video has been making waves and many will agree it’s a hit, what’s the story about it? 
Skidi Boy: Yeah please, let me use this opportunity to thank all those who participated one way or the other to make this ”Nanga Mboko” project a success. Well a ”Nanga Mboko” is a street child or homeless if I should put it that way.  It is actually my story. I’m a part of them. I think as an artist I need to speak out for them, so as to let the world know people like that do exist and they’ve got a different state of mind.
237Showbiz: You’ve done a few  collaborations with Askia,  Brown Popsy and Tam Gaëllo. Which other artists would you love to work with? 
Skidi Boy: Good! thanks for the reminder.  Ive worked with Brown Popsy and Gaelo. They are very great talents. Respect to them. I’ve also worked with Cryspy, Mecca, Fab, Fayca hood, Habib du Bled you shall get soon .
237Showbiz: Let’s talk about your latest freestyle Bloggers. You seem to be the only artist in Cameroon who went that far to address them. What are your reasons for doing so?  Why did you leave out the others? 
Skidi Boy: Hahahahaha thanks for this question the aim or motive behind the freestyle is to let the world know the artist needs the blogger and the blogger needs the artist. We need to work together. It was a means for me to thank all those bloggers who have supported me steadily and if somebody didn’t get their names, it doesn’t mean he/she is not doing great. Like I said, it’s my way to appreciate those who have supported me steadily.
237Showbiz: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Skidi Boy: Where do I see myself in 5years time? Yeah,  like every other artist I need to be at the top off my game. More shows, more awards (Laughs)  more money. ” You wise the card nor ?”
237Showbiz: Tell us 2 errors in your musical career you’ll love to change 
Skidi Boy: Everybody is human and bound to make mistakes. To be honest, people need to be sorry for hurting me, underestimating me and turning my proposals down .
237Showbiz: Askia,  Blanche Bailly and Ewube, who would you date, marry and play around with?
Skidi Boy: ”Chai! That list strong, all them na axe. I’m just like Oliver Twist hahahahahahaha! I think I need them all. Ewube, Askia and Blanche na fire for real. Love them..”
237showbiz : That’s all we could rap up for you Skidi, thanks for your time and we wish you the best while waiting for your album. Any shout outs you want to send? 
Skidi Boy: Pleasure is mine.  Please let me use this opportunity to thank all those who have been supporting me from the very first start. Djs, Bloggers, Promoters, Mcs, Tv presenters, my fans and especially the almighty GOD.  Peace! My album ATM is  about to drop .
Interviewed by
Victor Kange For 237showbiz.com