237Showbiz the home for all, be it established, upcoming, we promote everyone. On this segment of our interview slot, we have a young producer on our hot seat who goes by the name of Mccoy aka the ‘‘Wild Ass Producer.” See what we discussed below.

237Showbiz: Tell us a bit about yourself?

My real names are Ngyia Ndimufor Mac-cathy Proof. I am a final year student in Business Management, a MUSIC PRODUCER, Songwriter and also a young guy with a very strong Desire for success.

237Showbiz: You got into music production at a very young age, what pushed you??

So many factors. I grew up in a home full of music lovers, became the school pianist in primary school. as years went by i just found my self getting so involved in the musical field.. Becoming a Music Poducer wasn’t a matter of choice, i believe it is God’s will!

237Showbiz: There are hundreds of upcoming producers like you trying to make a name for themselves. What’s that extra touch that you’re adding to your style to remain outstanding and unique?

My name says alot! “The Wild-Ass Producer” aint no regular producer. I Create, i dont copy. Above all I Put God first in every project – which eventually brings out the best of Me.

237 Showbiz: You’re known for doing remake of instrumentals like Hiro’s touché Coulé, recently you did Mr. Leo’s Partout” what’s the reason for these remakes?

it is recommended for Upcoming artist to do covers of HITSONGS so as to gain  exposure especially at the early stages of their career.but in Kamer, the original owners of these songs hardly put out thier instrumentals. So i do this to ease the process and enhance the growth of upcoming artists and the Music Industry as a whole.

237 Showbiz: You’ve produced a few tracks, for example Sein Monty’s Bang Bang, Njie Moni’s Packaging. Which other artistes would you love to work with?

I’ll love to work with Ebako, Askia, Stanley Enow and Blanche Bailly

237 Showbiz: Your top 5 music producers who inspire you.

1. Don Jazzy
2. Edi LeDrae
3. Akwandor
4. Method J
5. IVO

237Showbiz: Edi Ledrae said upcoming artistes are neglected, as an upcoming producer, can you confirm this? Have you exprrienced such with already established artistes?

Oh Yes!  I have witnessed such but it instead gives me more reasons to work harder.

237Showbiz: How much will you charge an upcoming artistes for a beat?

It varies.. though i will Charge an upcoming artiste for a much less amount than an Established artiste

237Showbiz: Do you think Cameroon urban music would’ve grown without the existence of social media?

it will have grown though at a really really slow pace.

237Showbiz: As a baby producer in the industry, choose your parents; Tata Paul & Tilla, Salatiel & Charlotte Dipanda, Jovi & Mani Bella, Stanley Enow and Lady Ponce?

haha, this is a tough one…. i will go for Salatiel and charlotte dipanda

237Showbiz: What is it like working with a Francophone and Anglophone artiste?

its quite interesting working with both Francophone and anglophone artistes… Anglophone artistes are soo talented but, Francophone artistes Pay better than Anglophone artistes lol

237Showbiz: This topic never gets old. French is key to Camer music success?

No! Thats not true. if your music is Good it can make it round the world, even if you sing in your mother tongue.

237Showbiz: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 Years I see My self WORLDWIDE God willing!

237Showbiz: Your Camer dream label?

Right now i dont wish to be signed under any established label… i got plans to create mine soon.. but if iam to choose, i would go for Alpha Better Records.

237Showbiz: Upcoming projects? What should your fans expect?

Fans?? hahaha abeg I am not sure i have Fans yet.. well alot of projects coming up.. most immportantly my ‘Potege’ Sein Monty is gonna be dopping something Epic prety soon.. so watchout!!!

237Showbiz: A word for your fellow upcoming producers, those striving to make a name?

“Creativity, Patience, Confidence and Consistency”- apply these 4 aspects in your art and Let GOd handle the rest..

237Showbiz: Thanks for letting us share your journey with you.. Hope to have you soonest when you’ve ”blown”

Thanks for having me 237Showbiz, the pleasure is mine…

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Interviewed by:
-Victor Kange