“ I can give up my life for my brother Samuel Eto’o, and yes he knows” – David Eto’o via Life TV

Former footballer David Eto’o is currently in Ivory Coast promoting his debut single “C’est La FECAFOOT”. During an interview with Life TV, he was asked to share his best and worst moments he ever had with his elder brother. In his words;

Worst Moments: At the age of 16, David signed professionally with Spanish club Mallorca. He was earning €9000 (5.850.000CFA) a month. He got tattoos, took first class tickets and bought an AUDIT TT and didn’t have a driver’s license. When he drove to training his brother was in total shock to see him driving at the age of 16. He didn’t speak to him for about a year.

Best Moments: At the time in New Bell Douala when our mother still sold grilled fish, we were living in the average life, Samuel Eto’o called me to his room and said; “David, I may be playing locally for UCB today but in 2 or 3 years time, I’ll buy you a Ferrai”. I didn’t even know what a Ferrari was at the time, he showed me a picture of it. I laughed so hard but guess what, he did buy that Ferrari.

David Eto’o concluded his interview saying he is proud today because at first people saw him like a crazy guy but he has been able to change that perspective. People used to identify him at “Samuel Eto’o’s junior brother, but today the majority know and call him David.