kibonen Nfi makes headline as her designing dreams  blossom ,  her journey in designing of  amost a decade  highlights how massive she has been in the art . From the Northwest region of Cameroon ,her designs are a perfect reflection of her culture which continues to soar by the years with her participation in grand  events .

Her immeasurable resilience  earn her a spot at top shows like the New York fashion week , South African fashion week and earned a spot among the top 200 emerging designers on Italian Volgas . She recently took the spotlight after the beautiful Oscar award winner Lupita Nyongo, who made three appearances  on Vogue cover  was dressed in  Kibonen-Ny (KNY) designs twice in a week .


lupita looked stunning at the Good morning America show adorned by an elegantly designed  kibonen-NY  dress in an event which was aimed at promoting her new movie “Queen of Katwe”. She was seemingly dressed in kibonen-Ny design while  she appeared as guest on Ellen’s show . Her new dress pattern  only show lupita could be switching to a more ethically responsible look.We could be seeing more of these as  the established brand is now partnering with fair trade made in Camer for more exquisite looks.


This is a huge break through for the Cameroonian designer who has been grinding so hard to get recognition as she went through daunting periods in her career in designing despite her accomplishments. In her  interview with I/O SPACE she admitted almost giving up on designing  as she felt her work didn’t yield fruits, this is definitely the push she needed in her career.


When there is a will there is a way, Check out more about Kibonen on her site here