Hello 237Showbees! It’s been long we caught with interviews ever since we did an exclusive of Nigerian Superstar SolidStar. We are back with interviews and this time around, we go down the ladders to the point of Fast Rising singers. We are please to bring to you our exclusive discussion with Cameroonian singer Don ChaeuLe also known as Wokolo Master.

He talks about his career, entertainment and albinism and lots more. We wouldn’t want to spill all the juice but rather let you guys discover it for yourselves. Below was how it went down!

@237Showbiz: Don ChaeuLe, Wokolo Master, The Only MC with an MBA. This is the height of what people know about you, in very few words, kindly describe yourself. Who is Don ChaeuLe ?

Don ChaeuLe: Well I’m a young Cameroonian who is passionate about music and loves his country.

@237Showbiz: Many might not really get it and why you chose it. Can you tell us why the stage name Don ChaeuLe ? 

Don ChaeuLe: The name was my stage name back in boarding school (BIROCO) when I was in form 4. It was actually Dj ChaeuLe because I loved Coupe-decale a lot. Two years later in lower sixth an upper sixth student called me Don ChaeuLe (don’tknow if it was a mistake or it was intentional) when he wanted me to lead prayers and ever since then everyone started calling me Don ChaeuLe. The name ChaeuLe is from a song by Dj Jacob where he says “Soum bill tu est ou la” He was fast hence the ‘tu est ou la” sounded like “ChaeuLa” I just replaced the last ‘a’ with ‘e’ and boom ChaeuLe was formed lol.

@237Showbiz: It is obvious you started your musical career some years back with your first track entitled Wokolo. How did you venture into singing? 

Don ChaeuLe: Very correct. The truth is I have always loved to sing from a very tender age. I used to mumble the lyrics of these ancienne makossa songs when I was like nine. I started doing music way back in form 4 that’s 2004 in boarding school. I composed my first song title “Phillo” with my friend Dj Junior. It was a coupe-Decale song. Of course I need not remind you I was Dj ChaeuLe at the time. Fast forward to 2010 in my secondyear in UB my friends and I had a record label in my room where we made songs. None was officially released though. Professionally I started music in 2016 like you aforementioned with my debut single called WOKOLO.

@237Showbiz: Entertainment doesn’t seem to go smoothly with albinism. Tell us about albinism, growing up and the challenges you face as an entertainer. 

Don ChaeuLe: “Entertainment doesn’t seem to go well with albinism” That’s correct but things are really changing for the best in recent times with respect to the above subject. Thanks to great legendary albino singers like Calvino of Cameroon  Salif Keita of Mali, Yellow Man of Jamaica etc. These legends have fought hardnot just for the acceptance of albinos in entertainment but also in all spheres of life. My childhood was fantastic I must confess and even up to now I have hardly witnessed challenges as an albino except for the obvious; sunlight and my eyesight. But generally people are always very friendly and cool around me. There are some not so cool people too but hey I don’tworry much about them. I have developed a thick skin over the years. I don’t give room for negativity and stereotypes. I’m focused on the nice people always.

@237Showbiz: Compared to the yesteryears, It is unarguably true that the Cameroonian entertainment industry has grown. However, the system has been contaminated with ills such as hate, envy, jealousy, insecurity and greed. Tell us what we need to do to combat such ills.

Don ChaeuLe: Interesting question there. It’s very difficult to combat such ills because they existed before we were born and will exist after we have left this world. The only thing to do is to remain focused on your goal and remember that you are the only unique you so your head should always be kept HIGH.

@237Showbiz: Judging from your fashion sense, one will think you were once a fashion designer before music came knocking. How do you manage to look this classy and who is your stylist? 

Don ChaeuLe: Hahaha thanks for the compliment. Funny enough someone just complemented my unique sense of style earlier today. Well I get that particular complemented almost on a daily basis. Honestly I don’t know I guess it’s inherent. No I don’t have a stylist but my mom is my fashion icon.

@237Showbiz: For an entertainer who looks this classy, you should have a bunch of ladies running after you not just for fan love but for the “girlfriend status” We shall sure keep it a secret. Tell us how many girls are you dating? 

Don ChaeuLe: Hahahahaha please ooo I’m single like a Pringle and I’m ready to mingle lol.

@237Showbiz: Your current single entitled “Maekam” produced by Dijay Karl has been gaining a lot of attention lately and the fans love it. Tell us what inspired “Maekam” ? 

Don ChaeuLe: It’s my life story. My life inspired the song.

@237Showbiz: Most Cameroonian artistes have a degree in “inconsistency” after dropping one or two tracks, they disappear from the scene and only comeback months or years later. It was the case with you and your “Wokolo” single. What kept you out of the picture so long and tell us how your colleagues can work on being consistent.

Don ChaeuLe: Lol at “having a degree in inconveniency.” The truth is artistes too have personal struggles like falling ill, heartbreaks, loosing a love one, going to school, goingbroke etc all of these could necessitate a little break from the scene. So I don’t see it as inconveniency per say.Personally I was away because I had to relocate to Cameroon and there were many personal stuff I had to sought out. But I’m BACK better, bigger, stronger, bolder and brighter than ever before!!! 

@237Showbiz: Blanche Bailly OR Meshi ? 

Don ChaeuLe: Sorry who is Meshi? Is that a name of a new hairstyle for ladies? Blanche Bailly live and direct.

@237Showbiz: Which Cameroonian artistes fit your style of music? Also tell us whom you’ll love to work with!

Don ChaeuLe: I think most of them do fit since I’m versatile and I can always switch up my styles. I will like to work with everyone who is willing to work with me. There are lots of talented artistes in 237.

@237Showbiz: Give us a rundown of a normal day in Don ChaeuLe’s life from when he gets out of bed!

Don ChaeuLe: I wake up in the morning at 5am, say my prayers, have my shower, breakfast and go to work (when I was still working) by 7am. I have my break by 1pm so I have lunch and close work by 5pm. Get home by 6pm (Douala traffic) go to the gym and spend 30mins. By 7pm I have my dinner and 7:30 I watch the news and TV shows for about 3hours and I go to bed by 10:30.

Since I lost my job I replaced that with studio time, learning to play an instrument, reading in the library etc. That’s my day. Of course in the weekends that will change slightly.

@237Showbiz: At this stage of your career, if you were to organize a concert you will be headlining, in which city will the concert take place if your main objective was to fill up the 5000 capacity venue? 

Don ChaeuLe: I think Buea because I grew up there.

@237Showbiz: The established artistes from Cameroon today have worked for close to 10 years and above. How long do you think you need to work to bridge the gap between you and them? 

Don ChaeuLe: Well I have been around too though not professionally. I believe GRACE will make me bridge the gap in the shortest time possible.

@237Showbiz: What are your plans for the next 5 years? Is filling PAPOSY one of them? 

Don ChaeuLe: An album, a baby mama and lots of money. Yes of course PAPOSY is the ultimate dream of any artiste. There’s no better recognition than home recognition.

@237Showbiz: Was a pleasure having you on our interview slot! Hope to see you next time!

Don ChaeuLe: Thanks for having me guys the pleasure is all mine!

Interviewed By

Victor Kange