From her LIVE session on our Facebook page we wouldn’t love to describe her as former Alpha Better Records rapper, we’ll just wait for word from the label and if her label says otherwise, then we can address her as a freelance artiste but for now, we’ll just play along. ASKIA’S LIVE session was really interesting, loving the fact that she was absolutely honest, sweet and polite to every question she got asked! You should visit our Facebook page to catch the rebroadcast.

Let’s talk about STILL ON THE THRONE II, from the name itself, it is obvious and worthy to note that the Let’s Talk crooner is neither battling the Camer Female Hip Hip throne with anybody else nor ready to step down anytime soon. As EXCLUSIVE, she is set to drop a campaign called Still On The Throne II. Looking at the art work, you’ll notice a slogan below that reads “We Taking It Old School” This is actually that Ingredient in which La Reine Mère used to spice up her raps using 90s beats and blending it with 2035 Hip Hop. Rewinding and Fast-forwarding.

The #SOTT2 Campaign happens to be the release of a series of breathtaking raps by ASKIA you’ve never heard before. This campaign is aimed at luring us all to an official song of hers in which she featured on of Cameroon’s TOP trending acts at the moment. I’m trying to keep it as a surprise.

However, the songs of the #SOTT2 are scheduled to drop EXCLUSIVELY on every Friday. This implies that, beginning from Friday the 12/10/18 and more Fridays to come, you might need to create space in your playlist for ASKIAS bars to fit in because I’m guessing you have an idea of how heavy these bars are for someone who tells you she’s STILL ON THE THRONE for the 2nd time!

Lastly, our website might be the new Telenovelas TV in which we shall broadcast ASKIA’S series of raps for your pleasure, just like subscribing for CableTV, all you need do is save the date, save the data and be on the alert.

Victor Kange