The Blu Nation star Tzy Panchak later last year took to his social media accounts to Thank God for his many blessings as his song “Ngueme” . But few days ago Blu Nation’s boss took to Facebook to call out Pit Baccardi for posing as an obstacle in Tzy’s growth ,he said Baccardi‘s agent in the United States convinced Trace TV to block Tzy and everything related to Blu Nation because Blu Nation’s rapid growth as per Marvin Slim poses a threat to Baccardi’s influence in the Cameroonian music industry. He ended up by precising that Blu Nation believes in positive competition and equal opportunities for all while Baccardi and friends believe in divide and conquer. Dufale Valery also took to his Timeline to question why Tzy’s music is not on Trace TV and why Stanley Enow had to go to Nigeria to have his song on Trace.We do not know how true these allegations are but judging from Marvin Slim‘s conviction and certitude in his allegations,we will be right to raise some suspicions about Baccardi’s dealings with Trace. Baccardi has not yet pronounced himself on these allegations and so while awaiting his response ,we will like to know your thoughts on this issue. Feel free to let it all out.